Create a transparent silhouette of a 3D Person?

Is there a way to take a 3D animated person and display them in a way where all you see is a uniform transparent gray material. In the image below you can see through the 3d person and it creates unwanted overlaps. This is because I’ve applied a transparent material to the 3d person. Any help would be great!

Also, if this isnt possible, is there at least a way to remove the 3d mannequin’s tongue, teeth, eyes, etc? Thanks!

I think you may just need to cull the inner triangles.

Otherwise with the postprocess and the actor.
Enable custom dept stencil on the actor.

Modify a postprocess material to output the stencil in a gray color.
I think it would be solid.

You may be able to use a different pass to output the scene before the actor is drawn, so you can essentially make the stencil transparent.

not sure the material nodes to use offhand, but splitting or setting the character not to render in a specific pass should be an option in the same area you enable the stencil.

Ok, so I think I’m getting somewhere. I successfully exported my person as a silhouette. However, the custom stencil pass has numbers within my person. See images in link. I want to be able to have a solid color without the numbers. Do you know if this is possible? Also, with the material applied to my person, it is still rendering them in my main image. The only two render passes I have enabled when exporting a video are the “main image” and “custom Silhouette”. Are there any other ones I need to render? I don’t want the pink guy within my main image render. Thanks! Imgur: The magic of the Internet

You are mixing up the barrel of monkeys here.

  1. the inital image used transparency as the material on the actor.
    this allows you to do stuff like Not render the character on the scene (because transparency does that).
    Cull inner triangles. Etc.

You need this if you want a transparent end result.

  1. the stencil works like this.
    Custom texture:custom stencil > mask r > IF a.
    parameter or statc number in B that matches the stencil number.
    > Scene color
    == custom color
    < scene color

Plugged into emissive because it’s a post process material.

now, if your actor is transparent he probably won’t be part of the scene color to begin with. But you can also use custom texture to output a wide variety of other passes.

I would suggest going with just the transparency and properly culling inner triangles.
like this:

If instead you only need a solid color, the post process is faster.

I ended up just exporting the same video twice. One with the people turned off and one with them on. One rendered image sequence only had the final image pass selected. The second rendered image sequence only had custom stencil selected. I then overlayed the two image sequences together in premiere and keyed out the black background from the custom stencil. Here’s the test

IF that’s what you need, that works.
It should look nearly identical to culling the inner triangles though.