create a socket

Hi all…
I ve migrated a character with all the animation from the mixamoanimepack…now i have to create the socket for attach something to his bones…What should i do for create the socket?


Setting Up and Using Sockets With Static Meshes

if i have to create the socket of a character, what file i have to choose?

Dude … did you read any of the links I posted?

You need to open your skeletal mesh and then add the socket to the bone in the skeletal mesh.

yes i read…i only don’t undestand if i have to open the skeltalk mesh or another part of the caharcter(animation or mesh ecc)

Open the skeletal mesh, select a bone then click add socket, the linked documentation goes through it. Run it through some translation software as I think you are not getting the jist of it reading in English.

Here is a video tutorial that explains everything: :slight_smile:

And if i want to attach the camera that follow the player to the head?