Create a road spline tool with walls

I’m currently creating a little spline tool, that’ll allow me to construct roads, paths or corridors and I have it at a point where I can create the static mesh for the floor. I am now attempting to add the ability to add walls. The left wall spawn fine, that didn’t really require much work. However, the tricky bit is getting it to spawn the same wall mesh on the right hand side of the floor mesh.

Here’s the current state of the walls. On a straight, the right hand looks fine. But as soon as you manipulate the rotation of the spline point, the right hand wall starts to go off.

As I have the mesh designed to work on the X axis, I managed to get the right wall to spawn, by adding the width of the static mesh on the Y, to the start and end locations of the Start and End positions. Very rookie mistake, as I though, as the spline points rotated around, this would naturally move as I wanted.

Any advice on what might resolve this issue and get the right hand wall to go around the right handside, as intended?

I think your problem would go away if the mesh included the walls :wink:

I do completely agree, but I was trying to test myself to see what is possible with splines. Therefore, giving myself the option to add or remove walls. Plus have the option to only have the left wall show or just the right one.

You could still have those options, but just swap between 3 different meshes.

The problem is, I think you’re up against a rotation problem that spline meshes have when you get near 180, it flips. I haven’t seen any solution to that yet…

Ahh okay. That sucks if that’s the case. But I appreciate your advise. Thank you :slight_smile: I might just have to give in ha.

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