Create a (reverb) volume through code?

Hi all,

I am trying to attach a reverb volume to my vehicle in order to cleanly manage occlusion and reverb due to being inside/outside the cockpit (and also making it easily dealt with by the sound designers).

What would be the cleanest way to achieve it since according the documentation geometry should be rebuilt at each volume change?
I saw a related question dealing with Post Process Volume, is there any plan regarding something similar for reverb?

I could probably manage it through blueprints but having it done with a procedural volume seems more elegant, and might allow its use in procedurally-generated geometry too.

I saw there is an available SpawnBrush() function which is undocumented as of 4.3.
Anyway using it or any other instantiation method on a ReverbVolume (SpawnActor etc.) leads to linker error similar to the following one (documented in other questions):

error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "private: static class UClass * __cdecl AReverbVolume::GetPrivateStaticClass(wchar_t const *)" (?GetPrivateStaticClass@AReverbVolume@@CAPEAVUClass@@PEB_W@Z) referenced in function "class AReverbVolume * __cdecl CastChecked<class AReverbVolume>(class UObject *,enum ECastCheckedType::Type)" (??$CastChecked@VAReverbVolume@@@@YAPEAVAReverbVolume@@PEAVUObject@@W4Type@ECastCheckedType@@@Z)

Which make me guess that this option has been somehow disabled on purpose.

Ok, after some more research this is clearly linked with this issue.

Hey G4m4,

I’m cleaning up old issues and this one is unresolved. Are you still having this issue?

Hello Jonathan,

Nothing changed since the question was posted : it is still impossible to spawn a Reverb Volume actor through code because it is not exported, unlike the PostProcess volume for instance.

Hi G4m4,

I’ve logged this feature request - to export Reverb Volumes - and will post again when I have any updates.



Thanks for your support!

I changed AudioVolume (which we recently renamed ReverbVolume from) to be exported like PostProcessVolume:

Thanks for bringing it up!

Thank you for this! Are there any plan to make the Audio Volume handled in a more dynamic way, since it still requires rebuilding the entire level geometry?

Long term we have some big plans for audio, our new audio programmer just started yesterday! But that will take quite a while.

Good to know, welcome to him!