Create a Reusable Potlight - do I use Blueprints?

I want to create a reusable pot-light using a static mesh for the geometry and attach a spotlight pointing downward. Then I’d like to be able to quickly drag it out and attach multiple instances to the ceiling, quickly creating an array of pot-lights throughout the room. This is similar to using a component in Sketchup, where you can update one instance and all other instances update. My goal is to have a reusable item that is only using one static mesh asset and one spotlight asset and also be able to update the spotlight properties and have all instances update accordingly. I tried this already by selecting a static mesh (pot-light) and a spotlight, converting them to blueprint. I think I’m close, but I can seem to control the insertion point. It would be nice if I could make the mesh snap to the ceiling to surface I’m trying to attach it to. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!