Create a regular list of items (Strings) to use in a dropdown


Let’s say that I want to create in my UMG a dropdown (combobox) with 3 items. Based on the selected item, it would change the values of a second dropdown. I wouls like the values of my dropdown to be in a list or table.

What would be the best way of doing that?

I looked into String Tables, Enums and data tables, but i’m not sure they are what I need.
Here’s an example:


  • 01_01
  • 01_02 Selected
  • 01_03


  • 01_02_01
  • 01_02_02
  • 01_02_03

By using a map variable you could have two sets of corresponding variables of different types. I’d look into that, I’ve found the maps extremely helpful for things like attributes and stats.

Guess a nested if that populates the second dropdown based on the value in the first is the way to go though. First being potentially an enum. All depends on how interactive it needs to be.