Create a Project from SVN/Git/Perforce Repository

I think it would be interesting if the Unreal allowed to create a new project using a hosted project at some online repository.

I created a mockup that shows my request.

That way when I was in a new computer or a new member came into my team to develop the project. in a few steps, you could already have the project ready to continue the development.

In Mockup I created, each type of supported repository, would have its own tab.
Beside the mandatory fields (URL, Username, Location, etc …), would have the Error Log (errors as invalid Username, invalid password, can not connect, etc …) allowing the user to quickly identify any errors.

I decided to suggest this idea because other development IDEs like Eclipse and Netbeans, have this same functionality. Making life easier for the developer.


Eclipse (Zend )

Hi ,

I think this is a great idea. I’ve entered a feature request, UE-18536, to be considered by the development staff.