Create a mesh of just the ground points after classification?

I want to create a mesh using just the ground classified points. So basically a DTM mesh. After I run the classification and reclassify anything that is not classified as I want, I have clicked on the “Ground” and then “Select” under the “Selected Classification”. This selects all the Ground classified points but… When i create a mesh regardless of which way i do it, it uses all the points regardless of the selection.

Is there a way to create just a ground mesh?



Further to my above post, my previous workflow at another business when I had Pix4D and Cyclone 3DR was to create a classified point cloud in Pix4D, export it. Use 3DR to mesh it, then simplify the mesh based on a vertical tolerance (which worked well) and then export as LandXML. I could then import the LandXML mesh into Terramodel or CAD and combine it with conventionally surveyed data such as breaklines on top and toes of kerbs or drains etc and any infill under trees. Then recreate the DTM using the surveyed data and the imported drone LandXML data. This workflow worked and seemed to be the best way to combine the data without loosing accuracy. It was the best that i could come up with anyway.

Hence hoping to get a ground mesh out of RC

Hi TazzieFez,

you can follow these steps:

  1. Create wanted model

  2. Create ortho with On Generate DTM

  3. Open ortho in 2D view

  4. In Ortho tools turn on Sample tool, set wanted resolution of the samples

  5. Layer to Sample set to DTM and export the sample

  6. Then you can recreate mesh from the sample in some third party software

Thanks guys