Create a MarioKart skid with the WheeledVehicle Template

Hi everyone. I’m actually student in a Game Design School in France and begginner with UE4. We have a technical challenge, we need to make a copy of MarioKart (Nintendo 64) using UE4.

I need to create a skid system wich is really important in MarioKart but I have no idea how to make it with blueprint and the wheeled vehicle. Any idea ? I have a good knowledge of Unity but I’m beginner with UE4.

Thanks for your help !

Hi, this is a topic that can and probably should involve many different answers. Probably, this requires ALOT of tweaking to get it right. I will cover two of the things you should look at:

1:If I remember correctly the Drag Coefficient and the MOI inside the VehicleMovement for your vehicle can be of interest. Have a look at this tutorial by Epic. It should give you a good understanding of how to make your car skid!

2: Another thing you probably want to have a look at is physical materials. YOu can apply a physical material to the ground underneath the cart. This will allow you to dynamically change how slippery the surface should be.

So basically: Have the physical material set to something normal, when you, through the controller input, use the “Skid” button you will dynamically adjust the physical material to become more slippery.

Hope that helped! Cheers

Thanks you for your quick answer I will look at this :slight_smile: