create a level system design advice and help if possible

i’m looking to create a good/ evil/ natural type of progress system these animation and design in mind

kotor 2 like type with good/evil/natural

and botw animtion

there be a bar on the left like in kotor 2 character page

the character will be in the middle meditation and in the background there will be a place for a tree , each time you earn a point or level up, there’s piece that form a tree like a spirited animal. into the tree is complete . is there a way to do this any lead or widget i can use in unreal engine 4 ?

any input would be helpful

I’m a little confused about what you want. If you are looking for a bar, perhaps something as simple as a Progress Bar would work. Just create a widget and add a progress bar.

As far as a tree with different pieces, maybe try creating a widget that has several images on a canvas panel. Start with the images hidden, but then change them to visible as the player progresses.

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i want the tree to build off the player talent point they earn each level to it build a full tree , while there look at the tree building i would like to have the main player in the middle in front of the tree meditation, with a progress bar next to him the player inter (will) good or evil. the graphic and animation i was trying to do like breath of the wild .

the tree made of will/spirit like material