Create a hinged door from static mesh.

Can anyone point me in the direction of making a hinged door (old school door) from a static mesh in U4.
I want to hinge it on one end (move pivot?) and make a blueprint of the motion to use this door several
times in a level.

Looking at the sliding glass door in the tut is great but the major issue I am having is creating the animation
for rotational movement and changing the pivot point of the parent to make this possible.


I guess after a day, either no one really knows, understands the question or not interested. I was hoping a simple model could be made with the brushes available and animated (rotated) when hit.

For the animation you can go through:
Using Matinee you can add simply rotation to your objetc.

A good starting point would be one of the examples in the Blueprints_Advanced map, in the Content Examples project. There’s a hinged door Blueprint in there that swings open when the player touches a trigger, and it should be easy enough to replace the meshes with something else if you need to.

If you want to to use a different door mesh that doesn’t have its pivot at the door’s hinges, one way around the problem is to add a “Scene component” in the door’s Blueprint components tab, which is basically an invisible object you can attach things to, kind of like a socket. You can position the scene component where you want the hinges to be, then parent your door mesh to it with an offset so that the door’s hinges are aligned with the scene component. Then, instead having the timeline rotate the door itself, you can have it rotate the scene component with the door attached, so it will effectively be rotating around the pivot point you want.

not sure about moving the pivot but here’s a blueprint pic of the doors i use

i use rotator varibles instead of vector to move the doors

Wow. Thank you everyone. I have several things to look at now. I will post my follow up for posterity.