Create a Game with Rounds in Unreal Engine

Hi everyone,
I am looking for a way to create a game with multiple rounds in Unreal Engine. I have tried to find a few tutorials online, although whenever I type in “rounds”, the search engine thinks I mean “bullets”. If any of you are familiar with search and destroy, that is the type of thing I am looking for.
Can anyone direct me to a tutorial for this? You know, a basic blueprint that will maybe show a GUI saying “you lose/win” and putting everyone back to their original places on a certain statement (once everyone’s health is down to 0, once the cargo reaches a certain point, etc.)?
I am very familiar with programming, although quite new with Unreal Engine’s visual programming concepts. I don’t know any way to code what I am looking for. Can anyone help?
evThank you so much!

If you change “rounds” to “turn based” you will get better results. From the launcher check out the Learn tab, there is a turn based project you can download and use. Also in the marketplace you will find several turn based toolkits as well.