Create a game like UT or Doom?

Hey, Im new to UE4 (worked on Unity 2 years)
Im working a lot in the past 3 weeks with UE4 and I want to create a Multiplayer FPS Arena shooter like UT or Doom entirely in Blueprint !
I’ve watched the Shooter game example but it’s C++. I don’t want to buy any Assets from the Marketplace I make all by my self.
Now my question is: Where to begin ?

Can you guys drop me some tutorials down ?
Any Tips ?
Post it below :slight_smile:

Thank’s for any help !

This seems to be a good blueprint tutorial for shooter games

Yes that is very good tutorial and I have used it to learn basic FPS

Hey, Thank’s for your reply !

I’ve watched this Tutorial but I think it’s a type of “Standing Shooter” where you can shoot from a lockt position.
There are tons of neat tutorials that can reallly help me on my journey :smiley:
And it is Singleplayer sad face

Im making tps multiplayer arena, i used that tutorial to learn basics but unfortunately there is not good multiplayer tutorial, i learned a lot with testing new blueprints on map … it is truly hard journey, im working with ue4 6 months, avg 3 hrs/day and i done maybe 5-10% of my game… ofc a lot of time taken me learning “know how” :slight_smile: if you worked with unity then you will have it easier than me, i can only recommend that shooter tutorial and 2 networking tutorials from epic (replication and steam+lobby+chat etc tutorial…)

Hey !

You’re right with 2 Years experience it is a lot easier to work with UE4 :slight_smile:
I work 8 hrs/day with the Engine to learn exact that tutorial what you mean btw :smiley:
I’ll do what you say and learn from the Shooter Tutorial to learn the “basic function” about this.

Btw did you have a solution to this video down below ? think I need Pitch and a Yaw then replicate the variables)

Thank’s for all your help and tips you’re providing me ! :o

It might be useful to update at least unofficially or make UT4(or literally spiritual successor with new maps,new characters…etc.) mod. I’m just wondering what’s gonna if Unreal Tournament 4 will be officially revived and distributed not by Epic Games,but by Unreal Tournament fans instead? Will this be illegal without their permission? Will this violate DMCA(which might end up by lawsuits money penalties,permament forum bans…etc.)? I’m just wondering what’s and in which copyright status is Unreal Tournament series anyway. It’s very important to me to know because Fortnite Battle Royale became more popular than Fortnite prototype and Unreal Tournament 4(I hope it’s not abandonware-just on hold I guess).

UT4 is no longer being developed and not simply on hold, and Epic still owns the copyright so you wouldn’t be able to do something with the IP without permission

Anyway this link is broken.

I mean this video is not available.

Probably link is broken.

Yeah according to Wikipedia Unreal Tournament 4 development status is stopped. Does it mean Fortnite will have permanent updates and ut4 will never be revived? Speaking of ut4 in-game loading screen there’s message that Unreal Tournament 4 was made by its developers and by community. Something like that.

Having some experience in game design is a great thing to have. Game design is pretty similar no matter the engine and platform.
You will just have to learn how UE4 does things, and it’s intricacies.
For example, BP has out of the box components that saves time on development like AIPerception for AI, for sight, hearing and damage.

Learn UE4 here

and this is for FPS

One of these links are broken.

Sorry guys the most of links seems to be broken. Also I was trying to ask founder and CEO of Epic Games Tim Sweeney via twitter private message,but he never responded to me. Now I’m unable to send private message to him. Even when I sent him this video.