create a custom mesh

Hello all, I am very new to this.

I am creating a concept for a park area. I have to use known and unchangeable geography. so i have imported an aerial map image of the site i need to work with. I set that image to a material and changed the scale so when i apply it to my landscape it will be scaled to the real world.

now my problem, when using this image overlay as a reference, is there are some areas that have an unusual shape. like kidney bean shape crosswalk islands

how do i create these in 3d so they match the over head view?

is there really no way to just draw a custom shape and then extrude it to 3d mesh?

any help at all is great I’ve been trying and searching the webs for 4 days now

you cant really just draw and extrude but there is 2 ways I can think of doing it, 1: create a bsp brush then switch to edit mode and tweak it till its the shape you want, 2: just use a 3D app to create your meshes and then import them into UE4.

I would recommend the second way as it will be easier and quicker.

awesome. thank you so much. I will try it right away.