Create a character selection screen?

Hello unreal engine family!

After extensive research and countless trials, i can not figure this out for the life of me.
I want to create a character selection screen in my game. one list were all the available characters i can choose from are and another list that i already chosen to use in the game.
So question would be how would i inclement this? Think of it somewhat like the clash royale screen where you have slots where you can add a new character and able to remove or look up info.

thanks for all advice and answers!!!

I’m somewhat familiar with the contents you listed and I could have guessed it’d be that difficult. But thanks for the answer and advice! Time to do some more learning lol Yay.

This is an extremely complicated question. There is no way to answer this entirely without just saying “Learn to make video games” ( not sarcasm, just pointing out the immensity of this system ) so I will break down the components of a high level way you could accomplish this.

Create what it means to have a character. This is independent of UI and will reside mostly in GameMode, GameInstance, GameState and Player Controller. Additionally there will be pawns for representing those characters and their data.

The UI itself is then just built to display that information. There is no “Character Creation Screen” system in any engine, there is just an available set of tools for making whatever interface you desire. In UMG you will make the character screen and populate the characters at runtime based on the stored data talked about in the paragraph above.

After a character is chosen, the UI will relay that information to the system you built for handling characters and will eventually lead to the player controller spawning and possessing the proper pawn, assigning teams, etc.

This is an unmanageable amount of work for a single thread so i recommend spending the time figuring these systems out and creating specific questions about specific objectives from there.

But by anyyyyy chance, would you know where I could find a tutorial or video on it? I don’t mind if it’s 3 hours long. I just need a direction to go in

Honestly the best you could start with are tutorials on setting up pawns and player controllers. Create the different characters as pawns and learn how to possess them with your player controller.

Once you have the idea down you need to learn about making user interfaces in UMG. Lots of random tutorials on this:

Once you have those down you can figure out how to store the data for pointing to the pawns and triggering everything when appropriate.

Thanks so much!

Here is a tutorial for character selection screen.

If you wish, you could also follow the entire Malestorm Saga tutorial series. The guy ends up with a kind of Dark Souls type game.

That might actually be a good idea for another one of my projects! Thanks!