Create a character pieces

How would you use different assets to create a character i.e how would you go about having different pieces for hair or beards and have them snap to the correct places and save it for in game use. Any help would me much appreciated, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Smasher6190
i think you have to attach the props and assets to the main character,
or even change the skeletalmesh if you pass from on gender to another…
once you have all props and skeletal mesh placed and colored,
i think you have to create a savegame that contain all informations of these customizations
when you load the game the next time you must be able to rebuild that character using the saved…

Set the skeletal mesh to warrior-Big, add staticmesh set to bluehat , attach staticmesh to bone head…
for every prop, color, and stuff you make.

I am not sure if exist a quicker way.

From your character blueprint (for eg the thirdpersonchar), you can add skeletal mesh component and then assign a skeletal mesh to that component (can be added or edited in level blueprint for eg too). The added skeletal mesh will keep it original 3D space coord from it blender fbx file.
For editing and saving it 3D space location, i believe you can just called Costume for eg and set a transformation to it, then save it origin, new location etc in an array to finally save in a save file.