Create a camera independent from player

Hi I’m trying to make a game where you as the viewer are looking down at a table while being able to move the player around the table without the camera following the player. I tried to detach the camera from the player in the 3rd person template but that didn’t work so I used this blueprint template on a new camera actor I placed in the scene.


This worked however the game is an Oculus Rift game and the camera is static so when I try to look around in the rift the view is locked so can anyone help me create a blueprint where I can have the camera in a fixed location looking down on the table but still able to look around?

Since this is an oculus rift game you need to translate the head movement into camera movement and apply that movement to the camera in the game.

Can you tell me which part of the 3rd person blue print is the head movement because I copied over what I thought was the head movement over to the new camera and that didn’t work.

It doesn’t exactly matter as any camera can be your new view. The trick is to make your VR controls bind to the new camera.

Ok I realize I haven’t been explaining myself properly. The thing is I don’t know what the blueprints for VR controls are. I can’t find them in the 3rd person blueprint. I don’t know which blueprints to bring over. I’m hoping someone can post an example graph that I can copy. I really appreciate the help so far. I know I have to bring the look controls over into that graph but how?

Okay, well I’ll show you what I found just by opening a standard blueprint 3rd person project:


It’s not important what’s selected here, I’m just showing you that you didn’t look very hard in the blueprint collection available to you :slight_smile:

I did see them. They are all for player camera. It doesn’t work with a camera actor.

The reason that screenshot scenario won’t work is because you’re trying to connect an actor reference output to an execution input. It’s like putting a square peg into a round hole.

Wow if I knew what to do I wouldn’t be asking here would I? Instead if people coming in here to watch me walk around with a blindfold and bump into walls, can someone please show me a graph of how this can be done, if it can be done.

I know some people are trying to be helpful but saying you need to do D without telling me what A, B and C are, is not going to help. At the top I showed an example graph of how you can replace the player camera with a static camera. All I’m looking for is a graph that shows how I can look around instead of the camera being static.

But dude, if you look at the Blueprint nodes you see that colors fit together. They have been color coded to make it easier to understand the workflow of Blueprints. If you know this little about how blueprints work, maybe you should look into some blueprint tutorial to learn the basic. Gotta learn how to walk before you can run. Otherwise we have to make the solution for you, and that’s not what these forums are for. We need to see you try first or have a general idea of how to do it, before we give you our take on it.

You will keep running into this “blindfold” problem if you don’t learn from this.

Everybody have there own ways of learning things. For me its come across a problem and find a tutorial that fixes that problem. If this isn’t the type of forum that will give that kind of help then fair enough.

You are missing the point.
While I don’t ask you to be the pioneer in VR and be the one who does tutorials, tutorials are so specialized you don’t learn anything but that specific thing you needed fixed. You need to think in broader terms and learn the basics of how Blueprints work before you tackle this issue. If you do, you won’t have to look up tutorials. You will work on solutions through trial and error and when you hit a wall with the solutions you got, you bring those solutions here and ask for a second pair of eyes to look at it, and get help. We are not here to do solutions for you, if you won’t even do the initial legwork of a mock-up or show us that you tried.

The fact that you show us a picture of connecting a Blue node with a White Node tells me you know nothing about blueprint basics at all, and that is really where you should start.

null - YouTube Like this list of videos made by the chaps of Unreal Engine themselves. Great series to teach you the basics, so you can start working with blueprints.

Thanks for that link. I’ll check it out.

OKay so ppl are being sad i ill help you… Ps im not a guru but maybe some better direction from my travels

Ive noticed in the ThirdPersonCharacter_BP, in there under the camera thats attached to the Player or collison capsule, in its details you can link or Socket the camera to those bones…

I tried the neck and head and it gave a pretty realistic bob,and when u ran and everything in fact… (not for my style of game) but also if its on a SpringArm that can give rotation and mouse connectivity then im sure this will give the independence and realism you are looking for…

The node thing is something ive seen and maybe try a CastToThirdPerson_BP or what ever is needed first before this
because as you have it set the CameraActor cant connect if it doesnt know where or what it is going to
ie Follow HMD Position ? on what character static mesh…

I try to dragg nodes both ways and also look at other code to see how the pulled in variables etc …
if it wasnt a project specific time for me for UNI id go back and learn the basics but TIME… and output…
shorter to jump then learn 5+5 math with output to console (not saying i dont or shouldnt REALLY start here)

Hope you find the answer …
ive stressed for 4 days over the pipeline methods for 3ds max animations…
BAHHHH what a pain with MUCH failure