Create a button/action to sort assets?

I’m wondering if there’s a way to create a button on the toolbar, or a action in the right-click menu that will run a sort/move/copy function?

Whenever I import a asset (.fbx), Unreal dumps it all in one folder. I, on the other hand have two folders, materials, and textures. I would like to make a right click menu on a selected folder that will search the dump folder for the type: material, texture, static mesh and move them to their respective folders.

Where do I start to make these kinds of modification to the engine?


I’ve worked with click actions on assets and it’s pretty easy, but it was in the sprite editor so I don’t have any classes to point you towards. Since move and copy already have code for you to work off of, and there must be a way to determine the type of a file, it seems doable. I would start by searching for option or tooltip text from the menu you want to add to, and see if you can find where the options are added.

For something like this though, you’ll likely spend more time figuring it out than you’d save, unless this will be part of your pipeline for the next year+. Also, if you’re still in the phase of your project where you can take engine updates, this will make it so you have to pull in the changes manually and recompile/make a new rocket build.