Create a "bouncy" platform, how?


I am trying to create a simple platform game, where a the character bounces up and down by it self and is controlled by the player to go left or right. I have managed to create a character that jumps as soon as it hits something. Now I want to add a simple platform that makes my character bounce less/more depending on the platform, It should not matter if the character hits the platform from below, top, side or edge, I just want it to change how it bounces. My first thought was to change the physical properties of the platform and change its restitution, but that doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

Is this 2D, 3D, or 2.5D?

The gameplay is in 2D, but the graphics is in 3D, i.e. 2.5D? :slight_smile:

I’d personally have the BP for the platform change the player’s bounce strength when the player collides with it. The amount to change to (or change by) can be public so you can adjust it per-platform in your level. You’d need a way to reset the player’s bounce strength to the original value though. You could do this within the platform (having a 0.2s delay then changing it back) or have the player BP handle that itself (when it hits something that isn’t a bounce platform). I’d personally go with the former.

DamirH, do you mean “jump speed” for the character? That might work, when the character lands on a platform with on its feet. But it will not work when it e.g. hits its head on a “bouncy” platform. I want the bouncy platform to be bouncy for all hit directions against all kinds of moving objects.