Create a Bestiary


So I’ve looked but to be honest I’m not even sure what to search for so I’m going to try and explain what I need.

I need to have a catalogue/list/journal that the player can open from a menu and see the various creatures in the game. My first need is for them to be able to see all the creatures and their stats and info. But when things get going I need it so the entry is added too as the player finds the creatures and as they kill/talk/learn about, the creatures more details are added to the entry. If someone could help with the direction for some tutorials on what part of blueprints (I’m assuming) could help me achieve this I would be grateful. Or even what its called what I’m looking to do I could narrow my search.

Thanks in advance.

In my opinion, starting with a catalog of places, creatures, treasures, spells, etc is great way to to build up lore for my game worlds. I anticipate developing one or more catalog systems. The first thought in my head, is using a Data Table (Local) | MySql Data Table (Remote), User Defined Type | Object Class (Immediate) and a UMG GUI to display the Stats and info. I can easily visualize re-purposing a Inventory System (one of many available in the Unreal Marketplace) to quickly provide a subsystem + UI to handle this functionality.

When when a Player ‘learns’ about a Creature, a key (name or integer id) is added to their inventory in which a query on the key will retrieve info on the Creature.

Maybe event dispatchers might be suitable for this? According to the docs:

So from how I imagine it, when you kill/talk/learn about a creature your bestiary will be listening for those events and can show the necessary information accordingly.

Ok both sound great. Thanks

Hi demonseedgfx, just following up. Take a gander at the BP Module:Achievapedia. I looks to be useful for setting up Bestiary and more.