Create a 3D progress bar...

Hi, I need to create a 3D progress bar done with a Cylinder. How can I do it?

Please Help me!!

Create a Cylinder Model wirh desired height in any 3D Program (Blender, C4D, …etc)

import it into U4

Create a BP, that scales the actors height according to your percentage.
Remember: Scale is normalized between 0 and 1.

thanks, I done it, but if I scale it with blueprint on Z axis, the cylinder scale over and down…how can I do it?

Rotate it 90 degrees and then scale the Z axis?

Use a shader combined with gradient and a scalar parameter value

So… How can I resolve it?

Senza titolo-1.png

You need to move the pivot of the model, Which means modifying it in your modeler.


If you’re trying to only increase that top section like in your diagram, then what you should do is split the cylinder into 2 sections. Then setup the pivot at the bottom end of the top cylinder and scale only that cylinder to have the desired effect. See Image


In this image, you only scale the Green cylinder.