Create 3d model from picture (for internal design)- extrude?

I’m a programmer and I’ve always bought/download 3d models with tools like turbosquid. I did something with 3d studio max but I’m far from an expert.

I’m recreating my home with unreal and for the moment it’s 100% brushes. I would like to do the next step and replace brushes with actual 3d static mesh.
What is the quickest way to achieve that?

I’m thinking of taking pictures and extrude them till they reach the correct sizes in cm but I’m not sure of the results, do you have any suggestions?

If you already have it made in brushes you can convert it to static meshes. Though I would send it to a 3D program after that so you can set up the UV’s and make sure the mesh is clean.

I’ve managed to create the static mesh from the brush, but I’m kind of lost now. I presume I need to extract a texture or a material from the picture I took with my phone but I don’t know how. Can you point me to the right direction? :slight_smile: