CreaByte looking for UE4 Blueprinter/Programmer for Aeon Chronicles


Hey all! I’m Tibs, from CreaByte Studios. We have a really exciting project we’ve been conceptualizing and for the past months we’ve been putting together a team of talented people looking to bring that project to life.
We experimented with different engines, doing research on others, and we’ve finally reached the final stage, where we found the right engine with the right capabilities. So, let’s get to what we’re looking for! I’d also like to introduce Pepper, she’ll be guiding us as we go!


CreaByte Studios is currently looking for an Unreal Engine Blueprints user who’s interested in getting onboard with an ambitious project, be it a seasoned user or one looking to complement and reinforce his/her experience. We’re not saying how many we’re looking for, but we don’t intend to be too big. Provided you have interest and the necessary skills, you should apply!
Experience with the Blueprints System and familiarity with UE4’s Paper2D is a must, but if you know any C++ in order to add further flexibility if needed would be a bonus. If you don’t know any C++ though, don’t be discouraged, we’re aware of UE4’s potential with the BP’s System alone.
The position is currently unpaid, with payment upon release and the opportunity to stay with us and continue to build CreaByte Studios.


The programmer will be in charge of all programming-related tasks. The programmer will work closely with all members of the team, more specifically with the director of the project and the art team. Depending on how many programmers get onboard, some may end up working with character artists and others with level artists.
We would like to mention we embrace a cross-development mindset, meaning every member, regardless of their role is able to pitch in their voice. Feedback on all areas, from all roles, is where this mostly shows. Having said that, we’re also aware that each person has their role and it is not without reason.


  • 18+ of age, no exceptions.
  • Strong communication skills, English required.
  • Time management skills in order to meet deadlines.
  • Able to work remotely via Google Drive, Trello, Hipchat, and Hangouts(for voice chat meetings and Screen-sharing).
  • Availability for 1-2 weekly meetings, the constant day being Saturday. The second day is on a per-need basis.
  • Be willing to work with us for free, understanding we only succeed when the game succeeds. This takes into account you are aware we currently have no launch ETA or timeframe.
  • The signing of a document to ensure and secure your profit share will be done prior to the game’s release. An NDA document will be required to be signed during development.


Our members come from different corners of the world, and came together for one common goal - A passion for game development. This is our first project as a full team and so far, we’re a 0$ team, working on our free time, but we all consider this project a top priority in our life. It is something we actively work on, pretty much every day. Over the past months we’ve gone from total strangers to close friends and some of us even met personally! But that’s not the real kicker! Get this: Many of us are actually in this team, in this project, as a start-up team, looking to one day make it all official, and we’re extending that opportunity to you - We want to make video-games for a living. We’re currently a team of 8 - We have the creators, we’re just missing those with the ability to make things work.

  • Goncalo “Tibs” Tiberio - Game Director, Team Manager, story & content creator.
  • Afonso Faria - Script writer.
  • Hugo “Exelon” Rodrigues - Level Planner
  • Filipe “Colormate” Pinto - Environment & Level Artist
  • Alex Ventos - Character Artist and Designer
  • Ayat Soltani - Character Animator
  • Jason “Coltron” Strang - Character and General-Asset Animator
  • Arphalia Meyer - Composer and SFX engineer.

As mentioned previously, this is an unpaid position, just like every other member of our team is currently working on their free time. However, and I repeat, this is a priority project. In our team everyone either works full time or studies full time, yet the amount of time and passion everyone has contributed to this project thus far is amazing, and we will expect nothing less of whomever joins us. In the beginning I stated this was an ambitious project, but make no mistake: we not only aim for greatness, we’re prepared to work towards it too!
More information on how we work and how we organise and manage the project will be given later!


“All’s good but what’s this project about” I hear you say? To put it simply, Aeon Chronicles: Faded World Episode is a 2D Action Side-Scroller, reminiscent of the Metroidvania subgenre, with colored protagonists enveloped in a black and white world, that pits players in the midst of the rising of a long forgotten war.
This game sets out to not only tell a story, but to explore several of the universe’s conundrums, one being its origins. One of the keywords used in describing what we want to achieve with this game is “Experience”. That is what we’re looking to offer, an interactive experience, one that only a video-game can offer, one that crosses the boundaries of what is expected. One that will leave you questioning yourself until the very end, and leave you with great memories -Okay, who am I kidding, the greatest games can never be put simply!
We intend to make the game pretty challenging, and as such it won’t be a time-waster or a bathroom-break game. It’ll offer content for casual players looking for a challenge, and also for those more daring through special types of events(more on this later). We mean it when we say we want to offer an experience at its core.

Here are some key features:

  • Three-Layered Storyline System
  • Puzzles and more puzzles!
  • Fast-paced Action Combat
  • Soul Affinity System
  • All skills unlocked from the get-go, a different type of progression based System!
  • Personal Playstyle compatibility, you can progress your character the way you see fit for your own needs.
  • Story-centered collectible - The Lost Journal

Right now, at this stage, we have no reason to tell you exactly what each of these things are. Instead, we rely on poking your interest and using it as an excuse so you tune in to our development spotlights later down the road :wink:
Even being a 2D game we plan on taking full advantage of Unreal Engine’s capabilities, and we’re hoping you can guide us in doing so! Our art so far has been hand-drawn and crafted by our excellent artists, but we’re looking to add some of the elements that UE4 can provide us to take the looks of our game to the next level. Perhaps shaders, natural foliage in our forefront layer(close to the camera, a la Limbo), Physics, and others. We’re not just looking to let our love for retro and 2D platformers transpire, we’re looking to innovate in certain key areas - We believe UE4 holds the potential to help us with this.


Ah yes! We come to that part! Sometimes it seems to go against our creative minds, but it is necessary regardless - especially within the indie scene. For funding we’re still exploring various possibilities. From private funding, to crowdfunding. Regardless of what we choose though, right now as far as funding goes we’re looking to make something viable to present at the SECI - Square Enix Collective Initiative.
After contacting Square Enix to further understand this initiative, we’ve come to learn how to take full advantage of this great option in order to gain exposure and pseudo-funding for our game. It will not only give us the chance of getting backed, but it will give us a Direct Platform in which we can present our project and receive feedback - From simple approval percentage data which we can look at to get a quick idea, to comments left by the community which we can take notes of, and address individually, which goes in hand with something we’re looking to do - Building a fanbase. Our current plan is to aim for a retail release.


As target platforms we’re aiming for Windows PC and Linux, with possible mobile ports for Android and iOS. However, the mobile ports are not what we want to focus on right now, considering if we do a mobile port of our game, we want to take full advantage of the smartphone capabilities in gaming, and would require a full design plan, one which we cannot make while aiming for PC and Linux as to do so could impact the quality of either or both - something we’re not prepared to let happen.


If you’re interested in embarking on this grand adventure, contact us at [EMAIL=“”]

If you want to know more, explore and follow us, check our website: (Currently going through content and visual updates/reviews)

Music! Check out some of the tracks we have so far, by Arphalia Meyer! Stream Arphalia Meyer | Listen to Project Color [Aeon Chronicles] playlist online for free on SoundCloud

So now, I’ll leave you with some more art of our project! We hope we at least peaked your interest in our endeavours! We’re aware we have quite the undertaking in our hands, but by following design guidelines and taking into account our MVP(minimum viable product) we believe we can do it. If you’re looking for a project to commit to, we hope you take us into consideration! Looking forward to hearing from the talented Unreal Engine Community!


Copy of Promo1_600px_wide.jpg&stc=1



Note: All art on this post should be considered work in progress, rather than fully finalized art.

A new position has recently opened up, also for a programmer. Throw us an email or reply to this thread with contact details!

Hello guys, I have moderate experience working with UE4 and blueprint scripting, and also getting into the world of Game Design through a couple of books and a small development of my own working with some artists and programmers. Here’s an example of what I’m doing so you can see if I can be of help.

If you wanna know more or talk about it, my mail is


We’ve accepted a couple of of new members but still looking for someone interested in character-related BPing!