Very nice, definitely needs more work but this is looking great! Cannot wait to see more and maybe play in the near future?

Good work!

day 4

Geek>Eat>Sleep>Repeat :slight_smile: Added some Visual Efects on the HUD, Healt System, WeaponEmpty- Reload + Pick-Up, Steam MP Session 10 Players…only some replications to do…Share, Like, Subscribe on YouTube…new video coming soon (bad upload sry) ps. i7 6700k (OC) Nvidia GTX 1050ti OC (waiting 4 AMD Ryzen R7 1800X & 1080ti:) ) …oh and some changes in SM and DM no more all distructible beacause various problems the bigest replications of chunks (btw i know how to grab chunks of DM when distucted with linetrace, if someone can’t solve this…) Yo.O

Thx Jay1337…i need 10 demo players for various tests if u want u can join me…my contact is (subject: crazyplanes)

OK :slight_smile: new demo video is coming today just for preview of one weak of work…i was playing with sounds yesterday with some wins and FAILS :slight_smile: Single player: 3 GameModes, Multipayer: 2 GameModes…video coming soon
Steam MP allready working u can destroy each other online :slight_smile:
more coming…lol OLD video vs NEW one…O.o coment, share, support if u want see more ty Yo :slight_smile:
problems with video upload sry 4 delay…

I like the room.

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5players MP