Crazy / very strong alliasing issue on model

Hi, I can clearly see, that the custom wooden planks texture, that I have imported has very strong alliasing on it’s surface. None of the other textures that I have imported before had as much alliasing as this, the rest is fine. Can the fact, that I am using a photography as plank texture cause such engine behaviour ?


Hey wielkiczarnyafgan -

There are a few things to check. First thought, your model itself does it have the actual gaps in the planks or is this merely created with texture and normal map on the flat model? If the gaps are actually in the model you may want to look at widening the gaps just a touch as the Temporal AA may be causing the jagged edges. You can test this by switching the FXAA in your Post Process Settings and see if the jagged edges go away.

If on the other hand, you have created entirely with textures, then it is probably a mip generated setting which is causing your to have the jagged lines. You may want to try to use a Blur setting on the Diffuse and Normal to see if you eliminate the edges.

Let me know -

Eric Kethcum

Hi. The model does not have any gaps inside, the gaps are the diffuse color on the texture. I am using recomended setting for saving .dds as “32bits/Channel, ARGB 32 bpp, unsigned” with “generate mipmaps” selected. I have tried with blurring already before and it does not solve this issue. I will try to change the save option to “no mipmaps” inside photoshop

Hey -

Also look at you AA settings in the post process volume or camera and let me know what you are using?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum