crazy taxi clone template, questions

Hello, i’m thinking in working in a crazy taxi clone template but today searching on google i found a Wikipedia article; it said about sega registered trademark on crazy taxi game mechanic, the article even said the sega was claimed the copyright over the simpsons game called The Simpsons: Road Rage.

i have read a lot on this forums and other game development forums, that gameplay can’t be copyrighted, this lead to my thread question:

will be safe to make a crazy taxi clone game template ?

of course i will not call it crazy taxi clone, but i will try to replicate the gameplay.

all feedback will be welcome.

thanks in advance.

p.s.: here is the link for the wikipedia article Crazy Taxi - Wikipedia

@enzoravo ,

Crazy Taxi one of my favorite Arcade Racers back in the day. As far as I can tell the US6200138B1 patent is expired **2019-10-14 Application status is Expired - Lifetime, **and was applicable to the mechanical design of a ‘drive simulating apparatus for operators simulating the drive’ not a Keyboard/Gamepad. The most recent SEGA Crazy Taxi Idle Tycoon 2017, is a clicker game, no driving - so go figure.

I don’t see any issue with a Crazy Taxi Like template, because it can be modified into something totally different in final. The core game play is Stunts and micro-races. The payload could be people or things. I could easily visualize using hoverships and aliens to deliver intergalactic pizza. Perhaps create UBER Driver Simulator that uses OpenStreetMap Tech to procedural generate street maps. The possibilities are endless and new game modes could be created.

Add multiplayer and your Template and you’ll already have something different. Perhaps you could apply for a patent.

@TechLord thank you for the information.