Crazy Sacura - Short Cinematic

Hi! I am in a hurry to share my work! I will be glad to meet new people in this field)


Greetings @YuryKiselev !

Thank you so much for sharing your work with us, however hurriedly!

The opening pan was a perfect quirky introduction to the mood of your video, where we find the protagonist lying nonchalantly on the rooftop while the enemy is keeping on a swivel below - not fully expecting a surprise from above!

I can see proof that you specialize in timing. Those sweet, swift moves were perfectly timed with the soundtrack! Those bots don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into. Go Crazy Sakura! Leave no bot unturned! :robot:

I’ve noticed that professionally you are a Motion Designer/Cinematic artist. Thanks for posting your ArtStation! Did you start your career with UE? Did you study at university? What other cinematic software do you have experience with? Which is your favorite?


Greetings @Get_DOVAH_it! Thank you for your kind words!) I started as a 2d motion designer in the After Effects program. I came to UE later. I didn’t study anywhere, I mastered everything on the Internet and at various sites with courses on UE. I also work in Da vinci Resolve, After Effects, Premiere Pro and a little Blender. My most favorite and main program is of course Unreal Engine! I am delighted with it and continue to study it)


It’s always such an interesting feature when just by the clothes and movements of a character you can get a bit of their personality. And you have most definitely achieved that with just a single video :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing and hope you get to meet some other devs!


Thanks! That’s what I wanted to show, that she is a person and she has her own character and behavioral characteristics :crazy_face:


I would also like to share a small video where there were already final working moments. Crazy Sakura - working moments (Timelapse) - YouTube