Crazy Insane Pack Series

Hi Everyone,

First of all I would like to thank you all for the continued interest and support for our previous pack (Crazy Insane Door Pack). We are a small team of two brothers who love video games and art. There are a lot of awesome people out there with great ideas but don’t have time and/or resources to go with. This is our way of giving something back to the community. We believe in quality and quantity along with insanely pleasant prices.

We are preparing to launch our fresh batch of packs, and we will try to get them on marketplace at a much faster pace. Most of the modelling for first few packs is almost done and now we will be finishing them one by one.
First on the list is:
Crazy Insane Patio Set - This is a huge collection of high quality Patio furniture, ready to be used in next-gen games. This pack contains over 40 unique patio sets consisting of 70 blueprints, 404 static meshes(42 Cushions, 57 Chairs, 46 Tables, 6 Umbrellas, 3 Umbrella Feet,1 Bench, 1 Stool) with LODs and very accurate Custom Collisions for all except Cushions. It also includes Low Poly, Medium poly and also a few High poly meshes.
We have also included an advanced material with greatly improved weathering effects and weather effects. Features like adding custom patterns to fabrics and customization to stitching( like changing stitch scale, color and type) are also included. It includes about 518 textures and nearly 500 are 4096x4096 resolution (some like stitches and cloth masks have been resized but 4k are included with them as well). With 6 Master Materials, 27 Material Functions and 225 Material Instances , you can create a wide variety of surfaces with great detail and with ease. Add dust, moss , paint over metal and wood, metal rusting along with a few commonly used metals, wood aging , weather effects like water stagnation and wet surface and also the ability to mix metal and wood and many more.
This material is very easy to use and include many customizations of balance between performance and quality, to fit most needs. These are just slider based effects very fast and easy to use.
As usual it will be priced keeping in mind the indie community, $24.99.
Here’s a link to the video:





And here are more screenshots from 4.11 preview cloth material…


Hi guys this pack is live you can get it from here :

Here’s link for video tutorials

There are a few issues that I am aware of and working on, these should be fixed in the next update along with more options and improvements. These are just minor but are there like vertex painting (a few work by removing a vertex color-inverted), snow material, more improved and realistic rain material (this one just supports pooling of water).
Support mail:

look incredible for the price !
do they come with lightmaps for light baking, too ?

Hi stucki,
Thanks, yeah they come with lightmap UVs for light baking. Overview Map(2nd pic) has lighting built. I ll post more pics with light built…

Amazing job guys. Patiently awaiting release. Before I go crazy and purchase a whole lot of assets from other sources. Are you planning to create a Crazy Insane Bathroom & Kitchen pack?

Hi Rallii,
Thanks, Yes most of the modelling is finished for our Phase-1 release which includes almost all interior stuff in a room wise manner. I will post a rough roadmap and screenshots from a few.
These packs will include modern as well as old 40’s style complete Kitchen and Bathrooms. I will upload a screen shot of each very soon.

That’s great news! Your brother and yourself are doing the Marketplace a huge service. I’ll be patiently awaiting all your releases

Will these assets release in time for 4.11 in the next 2 weeks

Hi this pack will be released most probably in 1st week of April as I’m told.

It’s live

Hi guys this pack is live you can get it from here :

Here’s link for video tutorials

Hi guys I have some good news!
We will be adding sounds and some other updates to our previous pack Crazy Insane Door Pack. Will update this forum when its done. Thanks for the continued support and suggestions.

Just want to say that in the archvis field we found your patio set to be awesome value, please consider dining table sets or beds for your next project. They seem to be lacking on the market place

Hi Imsopov, many thanks glad you liked it. I am currently finishing off these packs modelling is done for most of the packs, just finishing the UV’s.
As a matter of fact our next pack is dinning room set which I will be submitting very soon:). All the furniture packs will be released very soon in a room wise manner and at Indie friendly prices. I will Post some pics as soon as they are ready. Any suggestions, concerns or feedback are most welcome. I would really appreciate if you guys could leave some feedback or rating on the content marketplace.

Awesome, if it’s at the same quality and value of your last set it will be an instant purchase.