Crazy Insane Door Pack

Hi Guys,

Posting of behalf of my brother(RoninArtist) and our Tiny Little Studios, here is very first submission for the marketplace, now up on Trello, please vote -

This pack contains 201 doors, 59 Frames, 60 Door Knobs and Handles, 9 Knockers/Decorations, 11 Glass Designs with 18 Glass meshes including 2 High-Res. There are 5 Master Materials with advanced weathering effects and more. There are 10 High-Res wood textures with resolution of 4096x4096 with roughness in alpha. It also has over 600 Normal Maps with resolutions of 2048x2048 for Doors and Frames, 1024x1024 for Door Knobs and Handles and 512x512 for smaller objects. This makes up for 533 Meshes in total with their own Material Instances applied and giving you complete control to change materials on the go. This gives a total of 403 Material Instances. Door pack also uses 8 Material Functions. All the details are included in User Manual. This pack also contains over 60 physics based Blueprints for fun that you can build upon.

User Manual & Catalogue -

Preview Video -

Website -

Looking to keep the price indie friendly - $19.99






Nice asset pack, ty!

Looks pretty comprehensive. Nice work. =)

Holy ****, 200 doors? There goes the door market :slight_smile: Looks good.

just voted!, very nice pack at a very nice price!

Thanks guys, also to add to the blueprints there are 60 further user input blueprints like press a key to open the door, forgot to add that above.

sweet! Now to be totally honest with you i would pay double what you are asking without hesitation. But your current price might allow more people to purchase, resulting in more revenue for you?

I would like windows, garage doors, and store fronts.

We thought quite a bit over it and put ourselves into the buyers position and think this pack can be used in most games, architectural visualisations etc so we wanted to price it for a wide audience. It might be worth more than its price at the moment but we think for the pack itself this just seemed the sweet spot for the price so yes its affordability as well especially for indies.

We did think about adding windows, we might look into it but no promises(hence the low price as well) Or maybe a separate pack later on.

Very nice pack. Just voted!

This looks great, will definitely purchase this!

I know you did all this hard work on all the assets, but… could your perhaps add/make a medieval style set?

Hi Vata,

First of all thanks, as for the medieval style set I had it planned but the pack started to grow too much out of hand and the no. of assets were way too many to keep track off by myself. The total assets alone in this pack, if I’m not wrong are 1735 and I had to make High Res models too to bake textures, so a lot of files and about 100 GB of data. It just got too confusing so I reduced the number and asset types. Also getting lightmap UV’s to work on 32 resolution is pretty painful, but works in most meshes and most lighting situations although some are way too complex.

Currently I am working on some other project which is also proving to be Crazy & driving me Insane, LOL. Anyways if you could mail me some references to these doors with some dimensions and if they are pretty I’ll look into it, although Modularity may not be present I’ll put them in Specials(GroupG) ,BUT NO PROMISES. If this pack produces enough interest I will definitely try.

Lastly I will add doors, just doors from my other projects if I can (and ironically some are medieval).


Well, you could always make a second pack

But I also would be curious if your doors could work with this blueprint asset

Doors should work those blueprints, a little set up might be required. But press key to open is already included so you can build upon it as needed.

Perhaps the best thing about this pack is the price. As soon as i’m back from vacation i’m gonna buy it!

Thanks artist_tej for an amazing pack and an amazing price :slight_smile:

This price tho is insane. I believe other people would add a 0… and not after the comma.

Thats why I dont buy packs from other people :wink:

I believe that a good price will make more sales and in the end more money for the creator.

Thanks guys, we look forward to bring you some more crazy insane stuff!


That’s great for sharing.