Crazy high "consider actors" time

I’m getting some insane network tick times on my multiplayer game, I get 200+ fps single player but 30 in multiplayer. The world is about 150 replicated chunk actors, which themselves have about 150 runtime added components each. These components themselves have no replicated properties and all have tick disabled. Only the 9 surrounding chunks are being replicated to the client. This works fine when I’m only spawning the chunks surrounding the player, but testing it with all 150 world chunks spawned on the server, is causing crazy tick times, despite only 9 chunks being replicated. Does anyone know what this could be caused by, or what I can do to alleviate it?

my STAT net only shows 110 considered actors, I have to assume its related to the insane number of components each actor has. These components basically never update, is there some way to manually tell UE4 when they should replicate?

I’ve linked an eu4stats file, that seems to show its indeed the serverreplicatedactors time function, but I’m not that experienced with reading these files. Theres a lot of cpu stalls, but I’m guessing theyre just waiting for things to do, and not actually lagging the game.