Crazy GPU Stall callings [SOLVED]

Hello There.

Currently in my project I have been having a crazy amounts of CPU Stalls.

I know that they usually come for the CPU waiting for the GPU to finish an event but I have tried to remove almost everything heavy in the environment (lights, AO, post procesing, fog, etc) and still the amount of stalls is crazy and there are in every place that I see.

As you see in the picture, there are going anywhere, no matter what is; rendering, audio, network, etc.

Does this could mean that my system is having issues reading or writing data? This has been tried on a PS4 proyect. I believe that the ps4 doesn’t have the same speed than a new nvidia card but even on PC I’m still seeing a crazy amount of stall calls.

Does anyone could have any suggestion where to look at?

I’m still trying to get down the cpu stalls but I haven’t found anything that works.

I have basically killed most of my game graphics, and I know that there are no GPU big processes going on. I even cut off game lights (casting shadows as well) and decals, but still, even when practically nothing is going on in the game (Nothing in tickeables either) the CPU Stalls that I get are insane.

What could be the issue? My only guess is has to be with some reading/writting issue from the cpu part, but I’m testing this on PC and PS4, having same results. A garbage collection maybe?

I really don’t know what else to do.


It happens that all that information is misleading.

If anyone is having the same issue, you just have to focus (mainly) in the game thread or render thread. In my case the game thread had the issue that we were experiencing, they were some blueprints that were slowing down the process.

This tool has been getting better! Follow the next talk in case that anyone have performance issues in the future.

@efrenstudios any luck with this? I’m in a similar situation right now.