Crazy First Person Camera

Hi.Recently I followed some tutorials because I wanted to make a true first person camera and a ragdoll mode for the player (i saw ragdoll 101 tutorial series) but now,after making all the stuff, I noticed that when I go in ragdoll mode with first person camera ,when the get up animation starts the character goes crazy and start to shake and usually it flies at insane speed outside the map bounds ( I find myself in the void and I see the map as a dot in less than 1 second) or it just despawn and I just see the floor because the camera is stuck on the ground .In third person I don’t have problems so I assume that there is a kind of colliding between first person camera and the character but I tried all the colliding channel and presets of both capsules and mesh of my char and nothing changes. I searched a lot and found nothing so I hope someone know what’s happening. Sorry for the text wall but I wanted to explain in detail what’s happening.

If you need stuff like photos or videos just ask.

ok i managed to fix the despawn problems I just disabled world bound check but I still need help with the crazy physics that involves my character when I go ragdoll in first person.

Here’s a video sorry for bad quality:

(in the end of the video what you see is the map)