Crazy Carz

As the new year comes to a close and another bright year begins I would like to start showing a game I have been working on since UDK. I am extremely nervous to show Crazy Carz because it is still far from completion. I have never worked for a game studio as well I have never gotten any real formal training in creating game assets, I have great deal to be thankful for and the Epic Games Community has helped me learn an grow as a game designer and creator. Before I start talking about Crazy Carz I want to make sure I thank all of you.
Quazy Cart.jpgScreenShots_01.jpg

Please let me know what you think or any ideas. I will also help with any questions of how I have set up the game right now
There will be a link coming soon for everyone to try you can also go to and click the link to go to my Community Facebook page. It is small right now, but with the new year I am planning on working hard on expanding. Enough talk here is the link!!!

Happy Gaming form Funiverse Games and Me Daniel Murray