Crazy bug. Destroyed movement. Some weird engine problem.

I created a new blend space for testing purposes, added a few animations, and set it to be a new blend space in my animbp in idle/run

I started the game, movement didn’t work so I just put the old blend space back onto it’s place. I started the game again, but the movement didn’t work again. I was like: “What?”, “Why is that?”
I deleted the new blend space, and it didn’t work again. I deleted the save and intermediate folders, and it didn’t work again! What it that!!!???
After that I copy-pasted-renamed the anim blueprint and the blendspace, didn’t work again. I compared everything to my old backup project and everything was the same, I DIDN’T mess up anything
Is adding a new blendspace somehow sits in the engine’s memory and then it’s impossible to delete it from there?

Also, for an age, I can’t change a print string value.

I set it the value to be “POINTS”, compile, save, play the game in the editor. Everything is ok. Then I close the launcher, and the value changes to “POinTS” just because once I accidentaly wrote like that and saved but it was like a week ago.
So, is there some kind of registry problem or something?


This is beyond extemely strange:
I have usual conrols, WASD. They doesn’t work.
When I press 8 on the numbat the first time,it doesn’t work as well. Then I turn mouse a little bit, and press 8 - it walks! Then WASD walk as well. WHAT!!! SOMEONE FROM EPIC PLEASE RESPOND

Okay, so it was somehow related to the Level Sequencer’s input disabler. But it should disable input only during the cutscene.
It was working fine before adding a new blendspace. Something is wrong. And the print string problem still persists