I was wondering how to make a script that would allow my character to crawl, and have his hitbox change accordingly.

Of course there is the issue of animations, which has the most obvious solution, but what I am asking about is the ability to change my player’s hitbox to a crawling state. Easier said than done of course, which is why I am asking for some solutions to this problem.

Yeah, with a State Machine. You can make your character do anything and have that anything affect almost anything else but first you need to define it as a state and set up the rules for what happens during that state. Look up Unreal Engine on you tube and you’ll find a channel called ‘Unreal Engine’. There’s a series on creating a 3rd Person character that covers State Machines at some point.

Hit box? You mean the collision capsule or sphere extra? What I did is made a separate collision box and then attach it to a part of the body you want. So then when your player jumps, goes prone or anything, the box moves with body. Hope this helps.

The collision capsule, I guess.

I would dabble into the idea later.

sounds like you want to change the characters collision capsule half-height.

No, I mean something like making the capsule height the length of the collision box, and the radius the height and width of the collision box.

I’ve been facing the same problem for months now, there must be a solution to this considering almost no game has ever been released with this issue. And yet there’s nothing online remotely explaining how it’s done, is it one of those closely guarded secrets that no one out there is willing to share?