CrashReportClient.exe missing


I see CrashReportClient-Win64-Development.exe but not the above. I don’t make any changes to the source engine.

I didn’t see any problems compiling. Why wouldn’t I get the crashreportcllient.exe?

LogWindows: Warning: URL: …/…/…/Engine/Binaries/Win64/CrashReportClient.exe

Poked around the build system but not finding any issues. Downloaded 4.19.2. Ran Setup.exe. GenerateProjectFiles.bat. Compiled.

Still no luck.

This is normal, just rename your CrashReportClient-Win64-Development.exe to CrashReportClient.exe and it will start to send crash report to Epic Games.


Thanks. However, I don’t even get those anymore. When the editor crashes I just go to the saved folder to look at the log directly. I am on 4.19.2 now. I just pull down from Git for the next release, nothing special. So far the engine compiles and runs fine so it is not high on my list at the moment.

Hi @acxsasx I came across the same issue as SRombauts. The engine source code (at least as of 4.23) appends the text “\CrashReportClient.exe” to UE’s Current Working Directory (when in Windows), so without changing the name of the file, or, having some pre-processor macros in the engine source to determine the configuration type (do not know if that is possible or not), the crashreportclient would never open, unless I guess unless a packaged build.

May I ask why you said this is normal? Do you know why the CrashReportClient would be named after the UE Build Configuration (in VS) when building the engine? When using the pre-compiled version of the engine, the crashreporter runs no matter the build configuration which makes me wonder even more why the difference.

SRombauts said this was normal, not I. :wink:

Wow, 2 years ago. Still have not looked into this issue. Life and other UE4 issues have consumed my time.

You’re absolutely right, I apologize for that @acxsasx

@SRombauts , may I ask why you said this is normal? Why would the engine code append a literal string “CrashReportClient.exe” to the end of the engine’s executable current running directory when compiling the engine may result in a different executable name for the crash report client, thus failing?

RunUAT.exe -crashreporter
add -crashreporter

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