Crashing when using blendspaces

I get a lot of crashes when created blends and modifying blendspaces? Is this a known issue? It often happens when selecting, deleting etc a node.

Hi ShirtyKezRat,

We have another bug report about this. Can you check that the callstack matches what you’re getting?

The bug report in our system is UE-13031, which has been marked as fixed for 4.8. Since the users in the other post did not respond to tell me if they were still seeing it, would you mind checking in 4.8.0 (released today)?


The callstack you linked matches exacly with the one the was produced on my computer with UE 4.7.6.

Just to note if it can help, the crash seems to occur more often when changing the x and y axis ranges after having already placed animations then moving the graph points around again to adjust. Though I can’t guarantee it only happens in this case.

I tried provoking the crash in 4.8 and haven’t been able too up to now. I will be doing a lot of stuff with blendspaces in the coming weeks, if I come across a similar issue I will post back here.

Seb W.

Thanks Seb.

Anything that helps with a repro is good in my book. We definitely appreciate you keeping an eye out too.