Crashing on viewport

My project is a top down space shooter game. The camera stays above the character so the world “moves” around the character and to give the feel of forward movement I have created a script that first fills a sphere collider around the player with 100 “star” actors. Then during movement, a star that triggers ActorEndOverlap is destroyed and a new one is created on in front of the player depending on the way the pawn is facing. This script complies and works just fine. Tested for quite a bit. The problem is, when I connect the Event ActorEndOverlap to the main body of the script, I cannot open the Viewport anymore. When I try, UE crashes to desktop. I have linked to the blueprint using the blueprint pastebin website. Let me know if a screen shot would be better.

Currently I can break the connection, do my edits in viewport, then reconnect. Do-able workaround but figured I report it.

[Starfield BP(][1]

Edit: Figured a screenshot might be better.

Edit 2: The “Neg” node is just a function that takes a float in, multiplies it by -1.0 and returns that. Just makes my BP a little less cluttered. Tried it without that function and still crashes.


  • Could you please provide the logs from your project’s Saved->Logs folder after the crash occurs?
  • Can you reproduce the crash, and then copy your Machine ID from the Crash Reporter window and ensure you hit send on the report?

I’m sorry, I didn’t see I had a response. I have since changed the blueprint so it does work now. It had something to do with creating the dynamic actor (more specifically about setting the Vector). I changed everything around and now I am teleporting the actors to the new location and that appears to be working just fine. I do not have my logs, if you need me to, I might be able to branch my project and recreate it, then test if it crashes again.