Crashing on Play

My project began crashing whenever I try to play in the editor, or look at the components tab of my player blueprint. Any way to restore this thing or am I out of luck?

Hi Yohoat,

Please copy the information from the Crash Reporter window when it comes up, including the Machine ID, and paste it here. Then get the logs from your project’s /Saved/Logs folder, zip them up, and attach them to your reply.

Just to be sure; you’re using UE 4.6? And this crash occurs when you open the components tab in the Character Blueprint? or the Player Controller?

Yup, using 4.6.1

I’m assuming I don’t need to zip the dump files?

I was hitting the upload size limit, so I awkwardly divided them up.

So these logs aren’t super specific about what’s causing the crash, but since it occurs both when beginning PIE and when opening the components tab of the Character, I would guess this is a corrupted asset issue. If you create a temporary Character BP and replace references in the GameMode to it, you should be able to start Play without any issue, in which case you might need to remake your Character. You may be able to roll back to a previous version of the Character BP, if you still have one.