Crashing issues with the material Editor

I’ve been having some strange issues with UE crashing when editing my material. Specifically inside the material editor. I thought it had to do with the Roughness and Metallic inputs, (since it started happening when creating my metal/chrome material). But now it just seems to happen randomly whenever it wants, no matter what i’m doing…

It’s gotten so bad to where I clicked on the ground plane in the Subway demo to check out the material (I really liked the wet surface material and wanted to check it out). Before I even got to move around in the material editor UE shutdown without warning…:frowning:

Anyone else having this issue? Anyway it can be fixed in future updates?

If anyone is curious. I’m running:
AMD Phenom II 6-Core CPU @ 3.2GhZ

I’ve had it happen to me, but once. I was entering a value in a constant when it happened. Hasn’t happened since though.

Hi PerpetualChange,
Would you mind posting this so we can better assist you? Thank you!

Have a great day,