Crashing and gpu problem.


When I try to build scene,my graphics card crashes…

My system;

Radeon software - 15.12 (latest driver)
AMD Radeon ™ R9 380 Series 4096 MB GDDR5 1010(gpu clock) MHz
Windows 10
System memory- 8 GB
CPU - Intel(R) Core™ i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz

To ask the most obvious question, are the drivers up to date, as suggested? Is there an error log that you could provide?

Yes,I updated my drivers today.

I haven’t any error log(when gpu crashes,ue4editor.exe closes itself) but now,there isn’t any problems or crashes(I did not anything :slight_smile: ).

Thanks for your support,and sorry for my english :slight_smile:

No problem, your English is perfectly understandable. I’m happy to hear the problem has resolved itself! :slight_smile: