Crashing an (flying) enemy in a specific location upon death

So in next couple of days I’ll be working on another university project until I’ll get my topic/character I’m researching right now what to do…so out of curiosity if I want a flying enemy, say a drone or helicopter want to crash somewhere else or specific location upon death…how can I do that?

You likely will want to use a level sequence.

What do you mean by specific location? A static location? A computed location based on current location? Location based on physics? A location you specifically mark on map?..

If it is a specific location, you could start an animation sequence on death, or if you knew a specific location offset from current position (at time of death) what about lerping it’s location? Or you could have physics take over when actor dies. What is the desired effect and the situation you are looking for?

Your not really explaining the situation very clearly so I cannot really say. I suppose you could make an empty actor, have a reference to that actor, place that actor on the map, and then you would be able to get the location of that actor. But, how will you know where the drone/helicopter will be when it dies? Is this for a cinematic sequence? Gameplay?

a specific mark on the map…and how do I mark it where to crash?

Oh right…This is all gameplay, so basically the helicopter/drone is a boss and when the boss dies, it’ll fall down and land into one of the buildings (the buildings destructible are mesh) and will open up path for our character

Ah yes, that is the information I was needing. So, in this case I would think what you would want to do is trigger a cinematic sequence when the Boss dies.

This is the Unreal Training Series on Sequencer and should teach you what you want to know (setting up and triggering cinematic sequences for gameplay)

One thing to keep in mind while setting this up, is your camera angles. You will not know the exact position of the Boss when it dies so you will need to account for this in one manor or another. Keep in mind I have not done cinematics yet, but where I would start my thought process is this: Boss dies → trigger Boss Actor Animation “Death” which will play tht actors death animation. Then, I would find a way to Lerp the Boss’s Start death location to the location I need him to be when I start my animation sequence (which would control the camera movements etc. Another possibility would be to have multiple sequences setup, that way when Boss dies. you could see which animation start sequence start location is the closest to the Boss. I.E. Boss can have different sequences for dying on the left or the right of where he needs to land. Or, you could possibly setup code to control your camera so that it follows the dying Boss in a specific manner while keeping a look at target (where boss is supposed to land?) instead of setting up a cinematic sequence. All depends on the effect you want, your capabilities and time. Hope this helps you out.

oops, forgot link: Cinematics with Sequencer: Project Overview | 01 | v4.12 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube