Crashing after windows update

The last thing I remember doing that might have caused the crash of every single project of mine is the update of windows. I wasn’t willing to update it that soon, but since it gets messages popping-up in front of my screen when I’m working it seemed to be a reasonable thing to do.
To cut the long story short, my unreal engine was working just fine. About five days ago I’ve update my OS. A day after the installation, when I opened my project for the first time after it, the constant crashes started.
I’ve already reinstalled the whole engine, recreated projects and tested in other machines. It only seems to be crashing in mine. I’m currently downloading the debugging symbols to see if I can solve, but I’m not really a professional. I could really use some help :stuck_out_tongue: (Thanks in advance)

The debugging symbols seem to have fixed the problem, I’ll mark this as an answer until new crashes happen (I really don’t want this to happen ; - ; )

Which debugging symbols did you download? The windows ones?