Crashing after importing .fbx with animation?

Hiya, noob here. I’ve been trying to import a .fbx model with an animation to UDK and the editor crashes when importing it. I’ve tried importing the same model without the animations and it worked fine, and I’ve already tried giving it a fresh reinstall, no dice.

I’d have to guess it’s because I’m exporting using Blender and the FBX version is outdated compared to UDK. Just want to be sure, any help?

(Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. :P)

  1. Could you post your log
  2. Are you talking about the UE4 or UDK? -> When UDK, then ask the question in the udk forum:

Dang, my apologies, was talking about UDK. Thanks for the heads up. xD