Crashes with iOS Launch Storyboards (4.25)

Hey guys,

I have been waiting for Unreal Engine 4.25 to finally release in order to update my game for the App Store per Apple’s new storyboard requirements. I am having trouble getting the new storyboard feature to work inside UE4.25 and I was wondering if anybody was successful. I have tried both methods Unreal offers being the static launch image option that is converted into a storyboard by Unreal Engine and the experimental option of creating a storyboard in Xcode and placing it according to the updated documentation steps listed here:

I am using a remote build on windows for a blueprint only project and have been successful up until now. When packaged and tested in TestFlight, my application crashes on launch screen.

Can anyone help?

Any solution?

It was crashing for me until I added the LaunchScreen identifier as shown in this screenshot:

Also I wasn’t able to get it to work with .storyboard files even though the docs clearly state that it should be working. I checked out the automation code and it looks like it only works with compiled storyboards (i.e. .storyboardc extension) files. So I had to compile the storyboard first in a separate xcode project and then copy over the compiled storyboardc to Build/IOS/Resources/Interface and then it worked.