Crashes when i make a variable

Whenever i try to press the add variable button in the blueprint editor. Unreal engine crashes.

Hi Standi98,

  • Is the Blueprint from a template or something you have made yourself?
  • What type of variable is it that you are assigning?
  • Is the Blueprint a child of a C++ class that you / a person on your team has written?

Also, can you post the log file where the editor crashed? It is located in, [YourProjectName]/Saved/Logs

  1. The blueprint is something i made myself
  2. Don’t know. It crashes immediatly after i press the button.
  3. No

Here is the log i get after the editor has crashed. Keep in mind that it freezes and i have to manualy kill it.Log

After making the same blueprint from scratch. It doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore. I think the file might be broken.

Hey Standi98,

It’s looks like you have fixed this issue on your own. Because of this, I am going to close this issue. If you continue to have the same issue, please post here again to re-open it.