Crashes that uninstall graphics drivers GTX 970

Anyone have the issue where Unreal crashes and it uninstalls your graphics drivers? I’ve been having this issue a lot with the current build of UE4. At least 2x a day. I’ve redone clean installs of the graphics drivers. Not sure what else I can possibly do to fix this issue.

We had to update to 4.19 for Nintendo SDK for the switch. Since then it seems that I can’t even have Photoshop and unreal open, or Maya with a simple object open with unreal open. If I have multiple programs opened it’ll crash the entire graphics drivers and I have to reinstall. I’ve set all settings in Unreal to low.

Work pc specs
-GTX 970
GPU driver version- 397.64
cpu-I7-3770k @3.5GHz
monitor 1920x1080 @ 60fps


Hello friend, you’re still having this problem?
I don’t had this specific problem, but it can be something on your driver. One thing you can try is uninstall the driver using
“DDU - Display Driver Uninstaller” to remove everthing your display driver installed on your pc. After that, try to reinstall the newest version of your driver and see if it works.

Please download a newest version of your driver before use DDU so you will not have problems to find and download the driver with a deconfigured screen ^^

I hope it helps.


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