Crashes report on play


Only on the Ark dev kit (not on UE4 dev kit) I have a crashes report on startup the game. From de viewport, new viewport or standalone game I have this report:

:confused: please help to understand

What are you trying to do? Play the test level? Or TheIsland?

If it’s the Test Level, are you playing the default one or trying to test a mod?

If you haven’t made a mod yet and trying to test it, verify your DevKit(probably helps to do this just in case).

Have you tampered with the GameState in any way in a mod or in the default files? Either through an event graph or by editing defaults?


Sorry I found a solution by myself. I just verifying files and redo the parameter of the world setting with correct files in Primal datza override etc and all works fine now…

thx :slight_smile: