Crashes on Startup after first run

Running Ubuntu 17.10 I managed to successfully build and start running the program.

I managed open one of my existing version 17 projects which asked me to make a copy which I did, then it complained about plugins missing or incompatible and then proceeded to start then crashed.

I started a new project with a template (first person perhaps), it started to run and then got stuck at 96% where after a while I believe I killed the process because i thought it was stuck.

Ever since this trying to launch UE4Editor it will launch the project browser window and then crash. I rebuilt the editor (with the ARGS=-clean flag) but the issue still occurs, so I believe perhaps there is some files left over in my system causing this.

I’m not sure what I need to do in order to debug this. I believe a crash log has been sent to Epic as I see a curl command with evidence of such in the terminal window output.

Did you get a chance to see the callstack? If you don’t see them in the log, you can run the editor under gdb, get to the point of crash and then produce the callstack by using “bt” command.

Please make sure you build ShaderCompileWorker. I have seen a few recent crashes in our db that were all pointing to lack of SCW binary in Engine/Binaries/Linux. In 4.18.1 the engine will throw a message box instead of asserting and crashing in that situation.

The ShaderCompileWorker errors was because I was figuring out the make commands and I happened to copy and paste a command that cleaned that single module; in which I later tried opening the editor after removing it causing this error.

I managed to get the browser to open again after I cleaned the shader (following the enhanced Makefile here: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums), which then invokes compiling shaders. Once that completes it crashes (I haven’t opened a project yet).

Here is my curl request as I’m still not able to quite figure out the proper way to debug this yet, even after using gdb and stepping through breakpoints and crashes (which are segment faults):||43eb4faa68ad4a91a4fe94cbf03a968f
I’m assuming you can look up my user id from that URL.

I found indeed, thanks. Your drivers are not known to the engine, so the crash can be avoided if you change FOpenGLBase::ProcessExtensions() in OpenGLDrv.cpp and set GRHIVendorID to some value (either one already used or just arbitrary).

My mistake, this made clear I didn’t have the necessary drivers running. I turned on NVidia Drivers and X11 and everything is working. Thank you for your support.