Crashdamned Prelude (Free)

Hi everyone,

I have been working on my first UE4 game for a few months, and today is finally the time to get it out into the open!

Crashdamned Prelude has been released and can be downloaded for free either directly from here or from the website.

Crashdamned is a 2.5D physics-based arcade game in the tradition of Space Taxi.
It is a full game complete with 30 levels and a short tutorial. Its main objective is (of course) to be fun to play, but is also has an additional task: Collect feedback!

You see, although Crashdamned Prelude is a full game on its own, it is also a teaser for new and greater things to come. Based on the feedback for this game, I am planning to create an even better, larger, smarter, more beautiful and all-in-all greater game and try to get it published on Steam.

So, if you like the video and think you are skilled enough to fly your own lander without dying in a fiery crash every time: Please check it out, tell your friends about it and let me know what you think of it either directly in this thread or by mail to [EMAIL=“”]

Thanks for reading

Looks cool,

Will have a run at it when I get a bit of free time - Currently working on a HUGE dungeon map for my game :3